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Industrial Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Confined Space Entry


While cleaning a large storage tank, a worker was fatally overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning.

On behalf of the Defendant, we analyzed the warnings and information available as well as practices that were in place for confined area entry.





Industrial Accident - Power Hand Tools


Unintentional activation of a nail-gun held by a co-worker resulted in a traumatic brain injury for the Plaintiff.

We performed accident reconstruction as well as analysis of warning labels and instructions available to employees regarding nailgun use.

Industrial Tools - Injuries Accumulated through Cumulative Use


At the request of the Defendant, we analyzed the instructions and warnings on a sander used in industrial settings to determine their adequacy.

We also analyzed the relationship of sander use to the Plaintiff's development of interstitial lung disease.

Sample Work Products:


Summary of Cal-OSHA Respiratory Protection Standards

Comparative Analysis of Manufacturer Manuals

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