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Industrial Accident - Safety Procedures

Miller Engineering was hired to reconstruct an industrial accident involving molten metal that resulted in the death of a contractor visiting the site.

Workplace safety, equipment design, and warnings were reviewed.

Sample Work Products:

Diagram of Accident Site

Pg.1 of a Summary of safeguarding for work with robotics




Industrial Accident - Installation and Maintenance

A worker suffered serious injury to his hand when assisting with installation of blades on a brazer.

Miller Engineering analyzed the design of the device and related safety devices and assessed the adequacy of relevant company practices.

Sample Work Product:

Site Inspection Report

Industrial Accident - Rubber Calendar

Worker suffered loss of limbs as a result of an accident involving a rubber calendar.

Miller Engineering was hired to assess the warnings, machine guarding, and company safety practices involved.

Sample Work Product:

Standards Comparison for Mills and Calendars

Workplace Safety - Workplace Violence

Miller Engineering was brought in to analyze the level of protection a company should provide against workplace violence.

Sample Work Product:

Workplace Violence Research Summary, Pg.1

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