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Product Safety Warnings and Instructions

Warnings and Instructions Books by Lehto and Miller (four books)

Design of User Manuals and Operator Manuals

Medical Device and Drug Warnings & Instructions

Design of Warning Labels and Instructions (ANSI Z535 series)

International (ISO) Symbols and International Warnings

Health Hazard Warnings

Label and MSDS analysis in Toxic Tort Litigation

Food Labels; Drug Labels; Pharmaceutical Labels

Product Label Designs

Inadequate Warnings Analysis

Compliance with US and Global Standards

Product Recall Information and Strategies



Mark Lehto and Jim Miller have coauthored four books on the topic of warnings, instructions and labeling.

Their first book Warnings: Volume 1: Fundamentals, Design and Evaluation Methodologies. may have been the first scholarly book totally devoted to the topic of warnings.


Warnings and Safety Instructions: An Annotated Bibliography is in its fourth revision with 1200 references.

Books available through Fuller Technical Publishing, 734-662-9953; FAX 734-747-9712.




Model for Designing Warning Labels, Instructions, and Product Information (Graphic)

Example Warning Labels Designed and/or Tested by Miller Engineering (Graphic) Including: All Terrain Vehicle, Fuel Pump Static Electricity, Auto Engine Analyzer

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