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Clinical Nursing

Product Warnings, Labels and Instructions

Warnings Effectiveness

Product Packaging and Instruction Communication

Warnings Design and Modeling

Product Labels and Instructions

Books and Dissertations on Warnings

Safety Analysis

Accident Reconstruction & Modeling

Fire Science and Flammable Vapor Ignitions

Child and Infant Safety

Household Products: Appliance, Tool, Furniture, & Chemical

Safety Methodologies & Knowledge Engineering

Vehicle Operator Analysis

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's)

Automobile Transporter Accidents

Climbing Systems

Disabled Drivers

Drivers Training and Expectancy

Visibility Research

Alcohol and Other Stressors

Vehicle Safety


Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

Trucks and Buses


Boating and Marine Applications

Boating Accidents

Boat Occupant Protection

Boat Operator Performance

Boat Operator Visibility


Workplace (Occupational) Safety and Health

Occupational Engineering

OSHA Standards

Chemical/Toxic Exposures & MSDS

Workers Compensation

Work Measurement

Mechanical Design

Safety of Automated Machines and Robotics

Climbing Systems and Fall Prevention

Slip Resistance

Falls From Vehicles

Coefficient of Friction

Human Factors and Ergonomics

General Human Factors

Decision Making


Manufacturing Processes and Job Design

Work Measurement and Methods Engineering

Accomodation for Disabled Workers and Operators


Tourism and Behavior

Papers and Articles

Book Chapters & Editorials

Refereed Conference Proceedings in Print

Refereed Posters

Technical Reports and Research Monographs

Invited Professional Presentations and Workshops


The links on this page direct you to lists of publications by present and previous Consumer Research staff.  Many of these were initiated as Consumer Research Projects.

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