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A specialty of ours is the design and testing of product labels. This includes: on-product, attached to product, within operator manuals, within instruction manuals, on packaging and within packaging on individually wrapped package contents.

Provided herein are examples of labels designed and/or tested here.

ATV Label:

Fuel Pump Static Electricity Label:


ATV Label (top right):


This label is required by the CPSC to appear on any All Terrain Vehicle sold in the USA in the past few years.

It was designed and tested here through the cooperation of Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fuel Pump Static Electricity Label (bottom right):


To address the hazard of portable fuel tanks which are left in or on the vehicle to fill a manufacturer had us design and test this label.

It appears on fuel dispenser pumps throughout the country.

Auto Engine Status Analyzer (two below):


One of our clients is producing an engine analyzer which will be mounted within the passenger compartment near the instrument panel. Since several cords are involved with its temporary installation, the warnings depicted here were designed to be placed on the electrical cables themselves as "hang tags".

A second label was developed to be placed at the other end of the data cable associated with the product.


Auto Engine Status Analyzer Labels:

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